20 Important Benefits of Music In Our Schools

20 Important Benefits of Music In Our Schools

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Nearly everyone enjoys music, whether by listening to it, singing, or playing an instrument. But despite this almost universal interest, many schools are having to do away with their music education programs. This is a mistake, with schools losing not only an enjoyable subject, but a subject that can enrich students’ lives and education. Read on to learn why music education is so important, and how it offers benefits even beyond itself.

1. Musical training helps develop language and reasoning: Students who have early musical training will develop the areas of the brain related to language and reasoning. The left side of the brain is better developed with music, and songs can help imprint information on young minds.

2. A mastery of memorization: Even when performing with sheet music, student musicians are constantly using their memory to perform. The skill of memorization can serve students well in education and beyond.

3. Students learn to improve their work: Learning music promotes craftsmanship, and students learn to want to create good work instead of mediocre work. This desire can be applied to all subjects of study.

4. Increased coordination: Students who practice with musical instruments can improve their hand-eye coordination. Just like playing sports, children can develop motor skills when playing music.

5. A sense of achievement: Learning to play pieces of music on a new instrument can be a challenging, but achievable goal. Students who master even the smallest goal in music will be able to feel proud of their achievement.

6. Kids stay engaged in school: An enjoyable subject like music can keep kids interested and engaged in school. Student musicians are likely to stay in school to achieve in other subjects.

7. Success in society: Music is the fabric of our society, and music can shape abilities and character. Students in band or orchestra are less likely to abuse substances over their lifetime. Musical education can greatly contribute to children’s intellectual development as well.

8. Emotional development: Students of music can be more emotionally developed, with empathy towards other cultures They also tend to have higher self esteem and are better at coping with anxiety.

9. Students learn pattern recognition: Children can develop their math and pattern-recognition skills with the help of musical education. Playing music offers repetition in a fun format.

10. Better SAT scores: Students who have experience with music performance or appreciation score higher on the SAT. One report indicates 63 points higher on verbal and 44 points higher on math for students in music appreciation courses.

11. Fine-tuned auditory skills: Musicians can better detect meaningful, information-bearing elements in sounds, like the emotional meaning in a baby’s cry. Students who practice music can have better auditory attention, and pick out predictable patterns from surrounding noise.

12. Music builds imagination and intellectual curiosity: Introducing music in the early childhood years can help foster a positive attitude toward learning and curiosity. Artistic education develops the whole brain and develops a child’s imagination.

13. Music can be relaxing: Students can fight stress by learning to play music. Soothing music is especially helpful in helping kids relax.

14. Musical instruments can teach discipline: Kids who learn to play an instrument can learn a valuable lesson in discipline. They will have to set time aside to practice and rise to the challenge of learning with discipline to master playing their instrument.

15. Preparation for the creative economy: Investing in creative education can prepare students for the 21st century workforce. The new economy has created more artistic careers, and these jobs may grow faster than others in the future.

16. Development in creative thinking: Kids who study the arts can learn to think creatively. This kind of education can help them solve problems by thinking outside the box and realizing that there may be more than one right answer.

17. Music can develop spatial intelligence: Students who study music can improve the development of spatial intelligence, which allows them to perceive the world accurately and form mental pictures. Spatial intelligence is helpful for advanced mathematics and more.

18. Kids can learn teamwork: Many musical education programs require teamwork as part of a band or orchestra. In these groups, students will learn how to work together and build camaraderie.

19. Responsible risk-taking: Performing a musical piece can bring fear and anxiety. Doing so teaches kids how to take risks and deal with fear, which will help them become successful and reach their potential.

20. Better self-confidence: With encouragement from teachers and parents, students playing a musical instrument can build pride and confidence. Musical education is also likely to develop better communication for students.


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  • Brenda Auten

    I can attest to this, my two children were heavily involved
    in music from fourth grade through college it is a very large part of their life…

  • Kristie Lewis

    This is so so true!!

  • Brenda

    Was in the school glee club and then joined the band in junior high. Music was the glue that help me together. Schools should always encouraged music as a way to broaden one’s horizons.

  • Dinosaur

    Im in orchasta & I had a concert yesterday I think it was awesome!1

  • Music education gives you have a better understanding of yourself. The horizons are higher when you are involved in music. Your understanding of art and the world, and how you can think and express yourself, are enhanced.

  • allee

    My family loves music im 11 music is my life this really helps for my social studies project

    • cashewlater

      this really helps with my college course haha. Different purpose huh?

  • Nay

    music is very educational for kids 🙂

  • Tiff

    Music should stay in schools forever!! This stuff is so true

  • Mrs.ChrisBrown

    I believe that music is very good for kids i really believe that i listen to RandB and it works for me so yea musoc isAWESOME:-)

  • Roger

    We would really like to make this up into a poster and display it. Is there a version we can do that with? This image won’t work if blown up to a3.

    • kristenrNAfME

      Hi Roger, we currently do not have a poster version of this article, but think that is a great idea! Will let you know if that is a possibility.

  • jt

    My daughter is going on a year for violin lessons and enjoys playing for friends and family. It has also boosted her thinking abilities when it comes to math and reading. She’ll be 5 in June and I’m amazed at all she’s picked up and how her little fingers are able to play at the same time as using her bow. I agree with the reasons given and I’m sure there are more that anyone who picks up music will benefit from. Happy learning to all! 🙂

  • wach me wipe now wach menaynay

    this is so true because it works. Last time i had a tournament i was kind of not sure the first game but then the second game came up and i listen to music and i was so calm and we won the game ha ha ya

  • Amazing! It’s proven by science that music helps in education on many different levels. Keep up the good work.

  • Imagine the classroom playing soothing music for students. It would definitely reduce stress and improve thinking because it’s creative.

  • s.tee

    music is great,.just love it and it will love you..

  • Better SAT scores is the best reason on this whole post. All of these reasons are wonderful reasons and there should be more music programs in our schools.

    • Norbert Rossi

      Disagree. Participation in Music makes us more complete as a person. I would put SAT scores at the very bottom. Or leave it off. I taught for 40 years.

      • brendan

        Being a complete person is great and all, but so is getting into a good school so a student can survive in today’s education dependent world.

  • Elle

    I spent 7 years in the music programs of my various schools, and was honestly heartbroken when I couldn’t afford to continue in college (but in all fairness there is are two guitars, a keyboard, and a flute in my dorm closet). I would never have even made it to college without the skills I developed from an early music education.

  • sarah

    Needs evidence.

  • Bobo Nase

    yeaah very true indeed my boy was a serious slow learner and couldnt even write properly, so i bought him a yamaha keyboard and gave him lessons, i was amazed at how he memorized chords and could even play in tempo when accompanying him, now he is advancing dramatically in maths, thanks to music i guess

  • Shania


  • Jasmine Mcgee

    music is like pizza…… the best stuff on earth

    • Kamron Rackley

      lol true true

  • So, what about the poor souls that have no feeling for rhythm and are not able to play music? Is the opposite of these statements true for them?

    • Richard Jones

      All people are to some level musical. The analogy I tell my pupils and parents is that music is like a house. It has many facets as it has many rooms, but to explore it the right person has to provide the key for the front door. Sometimes the providers are not good teachers and so the pupils don’t get in. In addition those who don’t get in frequently enjoy sports or science and spend time exploring those

  • Blain Gatrell

    Music is great and poses a challenge when singing because it uses both sides of the brain

  • Kelson Martinez

    im in the sky view marching band and it has changed my life for the better in more ways than i can count

  • Kayla Harrington

    This is really useful for my english paper on the benefits of music education in schools.

  • Michael

    It’s annoying that whenever these cases are made for music education, they always reference “learning to play an instrument” but never mention singing or choral music. Choral music study is part of the picture as well, and the benefits are the same, plus a few others too, such as the benefits coming from analyzing and expressing poetry and literature through singing.

    • Norbert Rossi

      SINGING does involve an instrument – your voice AND your body. It is so much more complicated than a trumpet or piano in an entirely different way.

      • Caden

        I am a trumpet player and I would not say that it is more complicated, although i would say that it is difficult on its own level. If you told a trumpet player to sing, chances are they wouldn’t be very good. If you told a choir kid to play a trumpet, chances are they wouldn’t be very good. I do agree though that your voice is an instrument though.

        • MusicPerson

          I completely disagree. As a person who sings AND plays trumpet, vocals are WAY more complex because it requires having to place the sound differently in a singer’s body while changing the pitch, tone, and dynamic of the note. It requires the control of one’s body and one’s voice.

          • Emma

            I think Caden meant people that did one or the other. But then, it’s pretty much impossible to compare things in the performing arts: There are just too many sections.

          • MusicPersonIsStupid

            You still have to change the pitch, tone, and volume of a note on trumpet. It is simply using your lips as opposed to your diaphragm. There are instruments such as piano where you simply press a key and the note comes out. However, trumpet and voice are similar in the fact that both of them require control over your body. In some ways, the trumpet is simply an extension of your body.

    • Kipbowl

      Just to let you know all you do in choral is sing it’s not that hard playing instrument is harder because you have to use for hands and air and you run out of air sometimes but singing is way easier than band.

  • aw3rw

    music is like food u cant get enough of it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I agree with this article!

  • DerBeck

    Music is my whole life. half of my high school schedule is music classes, and this article helped me on my English report. without music, i would have probably dropped out of school. thanks, NAFME, for keeping music where it belongs, in our schools.

  • Leslie Clement

    Music has played a major role in transforming and developing the lives of children in my community. They have experience a level of success and personal achievement, which not only have build their self esteem but also influenced other areas of their lives. They have even become role models to other children in our community.

  • caleb

    our school is doing a project to play music in our school

  • fdgdck

    How accurate are these benefits of music education? Do you think they are true? Do you have a personal example of how you relate to the benefits of music education?

  • Samantha

    Not only does it benefit if it the students playing said instrument it benefits those who listen as well no matter who you are everyone can relate to some type of music musicians tell stories when they play so for the breif moment the the musician is playing the musician and the listener share a bond music truly unites us as one and I think that is beautiful

  • Dr.Mugundhan.

    Music can do many things and travel with us end of our life.

  • Tiger Lily

    music plays a huge role in my life, but I never relized that music can help you through emotional problems!

  • Nick

    Sorry but this article is garbage. There is absolutely no credibility anywhere. If you go to Bachelor Degree’s original article, all of their “sources” are links that either provide you with a 404 error (so no evidence backing there claims) or link you to a commerical website that may or may not have its sources sited. Really poorly handled for an organization like this one

  • Kyesha

    My family also likes music and country is my life

  • Sammie Jo

    I agree. I sing and play the trumpet, and my mom is the chorus director and the band director. This has helped me with a research paper on how playing an instrument impacts high school students.

  • guest

    I love music. It is my life pretty much. ( I do sing and play the piano and the flute though. ) It still calms me down when I am mad, and my mom uses music as a healing treatment-seriously. My dad teaches a class on this exact thing. I know, because I am doing a report on this for school, that these along with others are true. I am thankful to God for giving me the love of music, and I know it greatly helps me in every area of my life.

  • Mléka

    Music is good to listin to u can relax

  • Brady McKenna (Wasted Silence)

    Even though some students might not be interested in pursuing music, it yields an unending amount of benefits for everyone. Music is universally applicable, it’s everywhere in our society. Music education is a path for students that brings them into something bigger than themselves. Music courses such as band, orchestra, and choir are a community of students that are able to work together, connect, mentor each other, and lift each other up when they may struggle. Music is able to help connect people and helps in understanding complex emotions. Being able to make and play music deepens this even further. Music is a wonderful passion, a creative outlet, and a great connection that students can build with their peers. Only a few benefits include helping to increase IQ, brain activity, allowing for better language development, and better spatial temporal abilities. Keeping music programs in schools can help to ensure that students are able to develop to their best potential, even though some students don’t have as much interest in pursuing music. Keeping music programs in schools will help to assure that students don’t have to lose out on all of the benefits that music brings both physically and mentally.

  • bell

    i’m 13 and science I’ve started music in school my grade shot up like a firework and it stayed that way and its super fun and interactive.

  • i believe music is soul of humans. Guiding kids towards music will help them in life to relax and enjoy the life.

  • jessica luis

    music is good food to my ears

  • guitar man

    I play guitar

  • Dan

    who wrote this article?

  • Kerington Pressley

    What newspaper does this article come from?

  • tim campbell

    who is the original name that wrote the article

  • Terry Kuhn Goss

    My 10 year old son is has to either give up orchestra or recess. He’s upset that he cannot do both at school while in elementary. He hopes to use this information plus information we find on the importance of recess on academics to convince his principal that he and the other students in band and choir should get both.

  • Lillybug8818

    Excuse me but who is this article written by? I really need this Info ASAP!

  • JL Banks

    what about listing to music that others make like rap, r&b, classics, etc.