2019 Conference Sessions

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Attendees have the option to participate in the following two-day Amplify strands:

Amplify: Creativity
How do we create a learning environment that supports student voice, creativity, collaboration, and choice – whether via composition, improvisation, in current ensembles, or other pathways for creative musical endeavors?

Amplify: Student Engagement
How do we engage all students daily within our classrooms and throughout our school as they create, perform, respond, and connect to music?

Amplify: Instruction
How do we expand instructional practices to support student ownership, voice, choice, and assessment in a standards-based, high-quality music education?

Amplify: Access
How do we guarantee and expand access to music education for every student in our school sites and classrooms, which could involve parents, administration, and other outside connections?

Amplify: Community
How do we successfully create a musical community within in our schools and/or beyond the school walls in urban, rural, or suburban settings?

Amplify Inspiration Showcase
In addition to the Amplify themes, there will be a showcase of research and quality classroom practice in an informal, “poster session” format.


Day-Long Learning Experiences

In addition to the Amplify strands, attendees can register for a “day-long learning experience.” These experiences consist of sessions presented by a leading practitioner in the content area.

On Friday, experience attendees will conclude the day by presenting an “informance” to share what they learned and how they plan to implement this new knowledge in their classroom, and perform a few songs together.

Registration is required to participate in these sessions. However, attendees without prior registration are welcome to observe.


  1. Ukulele
  2. Steel Drum
  3. Hip Hop
  4. Gospel Choir


  1. Social-Emotional Learning
  2. Composition in Traditional Ensembles
  3. Songwriting
  4. Liberation World Drumming  
  5. Digital and Hybrid Music