2020 PreK-12 Conference Sessions



Friday, November 6

Welcome Keynote with Cliff Madsen and Marie McCarthy 

Saturday, November 7



November 6-7

  • Amplify: Change – What is needed to advocate, collect data, and influence decision-makers? How do technological, societal, educational, and professional expectations for teachers in the classroom influence the profession and student learning? 
  • Amplify: Music for Life – What role can schools and music educators play in creating a music-centered community that fosters lifelong music-makers?  
  • Amplify: All Music, All Students – How does music education reach all students, those currently in music classrooms and those who are not? Refer to NAfME Equity and Access Position Statement.  
  • Amplify: Creating and Responding – What can music educators do in their classrooms to engage reflection, creativity, and critical thinking, that ensures lifelong music making?
  • Amplify: Student Centered Learning – How do we co-create music education experiences with students while maintaining rigor and relevance?  
  • Amplify: Urban Music Education – How do music educators in urban settings support, educate, and meet the needs of all students given the varying environments?  
  • Amplify: Rural Music Education – How do music educators in rural settings support, educate, and meet the needs of all students given the varying environments?  
  • Amplify Inspiration Showcase – In addition to the Amplify themes, there will be a showcase of high-quality classroom practices in an informal, “poster session” format. 




In addition to the Amplify strands, attendees can register for a “day-long learning experience.” These experiences consist of four sessions sponsored by a leading practitioner in the content area. Registration is required to participate in these sessions. However, attendees without prior registration are welcome to observe.

Friday, November 6

  • Steel Drums with Ed Anderson
  • Ukulele and Composition with Scott Burstein
  • Hip Hop with Kenrick Wagner
  • Mariachi with Ramon Rivera

After a day of learning, experience attendees will conclude the day by presenting an “informance” to share what they learned and how they plan to implement this new knowledge in their classroom and perform a few songs together.

Saturday, November 7

  • Composing in the Ensemble Classroom with Rob Deemer
  • Music Technology with Bill Bauer
  • Social Emotional Learning with Scott Edgar
  • Culturally Responsive Teaching with Vicki Lind and Connie McKoy

There is no “informance” component accompanying the Saturday experiences. 





Conference attendees will receive 15 hours of professional development for attending an Amplify strand at the National Conference, and additional professional development hours if they choose to attend one of the pre-conference Forums.


Full conference attendees and directors of ANHE students have the opportunity to observe ANHE rehearsals where they can learn from nationally renowned conductors. (Attendees with guest packages and ANHE parents may not attend these rehearsals.) Times available include:

  • 9:30 – 11:30 AM, Friday, November 6
  • 1:00 – 3:00 PM, Friday, November 6
  • 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM, Saturday, November 7