A Letter of Thanks to Our Music Teachers

teacher appreciation

To our music teachers:

We want to say thank you! Thanks for all the work you do each day to orchestrate success in students’ lives.

Music education, the study and making of music by all, would not be possible without your dedication, skill, knowledge, and passion.

Since 1984, the National PTA has designated the first week in May as a special time to honor the men and women who lend their passion and skills to educating children.

We realize that many of you are also dedicated parents, volunteers in your community, mentors to younger teachers and students, supportive neighbors—in short, people with full lives. We also know how many of you also frequently put aside your own wants and needs in order to give more of your lives to your passion: music.

NAfME is proud to assist you in making the case for music education in the lives of children and to provide teaching tools to help you in your day-to-day work.

Encountering music as a performer, creator, and/or listener should be a life-long experience. From pre-K through graduate school, Association members positively impact the lives of all students—not just those with recognizable music talent. We recognize that excellence in music teaching requires commitment and preparation far beyond the school day.

Please join us in celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week. Visit our Teacher Appreciation web page. You can find sharable images, and a Thank You flyer students can personalize and share as well.

We’re also encouraging you to use the hashtag #ThankATeacher and tag @NAfME on Twitter and Facebook with your stories. Celebrate by honoring your students with the opportunity to participate in our All-National Honors Ensembles. Visit our vast selection of lesson plans at My Classroom. Learn more about how the new voluntary core music standards are being implemented, and how you can benefit.

We are proud of what you do every day, and we want you to be proud of what we try to do to help you.

Celebrate this special week with your colleagues. Let’s make music together.


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Glenn E. Nierman                                                        Michael A. Butera

President, NAfME                                                       Executive Director and CEO

teacher appreciation