2018 NAfME Elections


2018-2020 National President-Elect Candidates:

Lance D. Nielsen

Mackie Spradley

Watch their speeches from the 2017 National Assembly.


North Central Division Candidates:

Tonya Cline

Karen Salvador


Southern Division Candidates:

John Southall

Sonja Williams


Western Division Candidates:

Renee Shane-Boyd

Michael Stone


Proposed Amendment to Bylaw III—Government, Sections 3 and 6:

Currently, the three NAfME divisions with the largest membership (active and retired members) each have two board representatives: the current division president and the immediate past president. Each of the three smallest divisions is represented by the current division president, and only one of the three past presidents serves on the National Executive Board at any one time. The board has recommended that all division immediate past presidents serve two years on the National Executive Board.


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Electronic ballots are now available from 12:01 AM ET on January 9, 2018, 
through 12:00 AM ET on February 7, 2018.