Call for Candidates 2026–2028 NAfME National President

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NAfME is seeking candidates for NAfME National President for the years 2026–2028. To qualify, a candidate must:

  • Confirm their familiarity with the responsibilities and duties involved and their willingness to serve.
  • Embody a demonstrated commitment to music education and a capacity to lead which empowers the identities of all involved.
  • Be an Active or Life Member of NAfME and, if elected, maintain such membership throughout the duration of their elected term.
  • Be able to complete a six-year term of service, including two years as president-elect (2024–2026), two years as president (2026–2028), and two years as immediate past president (2028–2030).
  • Be able to accept all responsibilities of the role of NAfME National President. Per NAfME bylaws, “The President shall plan and preside at all meetings of the Association and shall preside at meetings of the NAfME National Executive Board (NEB). The President shall have the power to appoint committees not otherwise provided for in the Bylaws. Such committees shall be responsible to the National Executive Board. The President shall perform all other duties pertaining to this office.” Presidential responsibilities are further spoken to throughout the NAfME Codified Policies.
  • Have the ability, if selected, to attend the 2023 NAfME National Leadership Assembly meeting that is scheduled to take place June 22–26, 2023, to discuss with the Assembly their vision for the association.

Per NAfME policy I.J.001: Nominations, Presidents-Elect, National and Division, candidates shall submit the following materials for review by the NAfME Nominating Committee:

a) Biography/curriculum vitae or resume including current position, title, and professional background.**

b) Responses to the following three questions:**

    1. What do you see as the major challenges music education will face during your term and in what ways can you transform these into opportunities during your presidency?**
    2. What do you see as the major challenges the association will face during your term and in what ways can you transform these into opportunities during your presidency?**
    3. How do you plan to advance equity/DEIA in NAfME during your term of office?**
      *The total word count of written response to a.) and b.) shall not exceed 1,000 words.

c) An Equity Statement**

d) Leadership Statement**

e) An electronic copy of a professional-quality preferred photo (optional)**

f) No more than five one-page letters of support from professional colleagues.

g) Candidates for National President only must supply a letter from their employer indicating support for the candidate assuming the responsibilities of NAfME National President and expressing willingness to execute a memorandum of understanding with NAfME, to this effect, should the candidate be elected.

For those candidates selected to advance in the process, materials denoted with** will be included on the NAfME website, prior to a vote of the NAfME membership.

The deadline for submissions is March 24, 2023, 5:00PM ET, and all Candidate Materials should be emailed to NAfME Chief of Staff and Governance Relations Kim Henry,

From those applying as candidates, three to six individuals will move forward (as determined by the NAfME National Executive Board) and be asked to present to the 2023 NAfME National Leadership Assembly. Please note that pertinent NAfME Codified Policies, I.J.001: Nominations, Presidents-Elect, National and Division and I.J.002: Elections and Voting Initiatives, were last updated during the September 14, 2022, meeting of the NAfME National Executive Board and have been linked for reference. Prospective candidates should carefully review these policies.

Please contact Kim Henry,, with any questions.

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