Qualifications For Candidates For National President

Any NAfME member can nominate a candidate for the office of NAfME National President. The National Association for Music Education is a professional music education organization whose purpose is the advancement of music education. The policies of the NAfME are set by the National Executive Board whose responsibility is national rather than regional. However, membership on the National Executive Board consists of six division presidents who preside at their board meetings and communicate their concerns to the National Executive Board. In addition, other members of the National Executive Board are nationally elected officers which include the National President, President-Elect, and Immediate Past President.


A nominee for National President must:

  1. Be a member of NAfME and have strong identification with the organization.
  2. Have established a record of excellence in some area of music education.
  3. Have served the division or the national in some recognized capacity.
  4. Have displayed some recognizable evidence of leadership qualities.
  5. Have, as president, the ability to represent the conference in public statements and writings.
  6. Have a willingness and the ability to devote the necessary time for the office, which is a six-year commitment–two years as president-elect, two years as president, and two years as immediate past president.
  7. Have the ability to translate goals and objectives into programs.
  8. Have the ability to work well in the group process.

If you would like to nominate a candidate for this position, send his or her name and contact information to Marlynn Likens at MarlynnL@nafme.org. You may also encourage the individual to copy, paste and submit the following in an e-mail to Marlynn Likens at MarlynnL@nafme.org no later than February 16, 2009:

Name ________________________________________________________________
Email ________________________________________________________________
Phones ________________________________________________________________
Current professional music education position________________________________

1. Describe the State and Division leadership experiences you have had, including significant accomplishments, that qualify you to be National President.

2. Describe other leadership experiences you have had, including significant accomplishments, that qualify you to be National President.

3. Please share other information concerning yourself that qualify you to be National President. These might include, but are not limited to, your training (including degrees and granting institutions), services rendered, experiences, publications, recognitions and awards, and personal strengths.

4. If elected, what would be your vision for music education and NAfME and your strategies for realizing that vision?

5. Candidates for the National President will please submit no more than 5 one-page letters of support from professional colleagues along with this Information Sheet.

6. All candidates will please submit a current vita.

7. If you are selected as one of the two nominees you will be asked to supply a letter of support from your employer indicating support for the responsibilities of this office.