Broader Minded

What Does It Mean To Be Broader MindedTM?

What is the role of music in education our nation’s students? Today’s education culture places a high value on quantifying academic achievement. Gauging student progress and learning is clearly important, but the true mission of education lies in shaping the students behind the scores

Studies have proven that there are positive links between engagement with music and academic achievement, but that data is only part of the bigger picture.

Music does something even more important – it shapes the way our students understand themselves and the world around them. It allows for deep engagement and nurtures assets and 21st century professional skills that are critical to future success, such as creativity, curiosity, determination, inter and intrapersonal communication, and motivation. 

To learn the “beyond the bubbles” arguments for music and join the broader minded movement, take a look at our resources below.

Broader Minded Resources

Concert Program Advocacy Inserts for Teachers: