Currently, there is no one process used for teacher evaluation/assessment in the State of Maine. The Maine Department of Education has begun dialogue to establish a statewide teacher assessment tool and may be gathering data from a variety of local school districts. At this time, teacher evaluation/assessment is developed and utilized within the local school districts.


The Maine Music Educators Association, in conjunction with the Arts specialist at the Maine Department of Education, has:

* run two Summer Institutes in Arts Assessment to develop “teacher leaders” in Arts Asessment

* run many webinars around arts education

* held dozens of regional workshops around Arts assessment

* dovetailed with the New England Institute for Arts Education to run many graduate courses in Arts Education

* has a mega-regional workshops now open for registration and running soon in conjunction with the Maine Learning Technology Initiative (MLTI)

* made and presented a video entitled “What does a standards-based classroom look like?” that showcases arts education in 4 Maine classrooms


For more information, see the Maine Arts Assessment website.