New Jersey

The state is still working with school districts that are piloting various evaluation models and will likely revise requirements when the pilots have concluded and the results are analyzed. Currently, all school districts are required to select one of the state-approved evaluation models by the end of December.  There are approximately 18 state-approved models.  School districts are to train staff on the model by June 30, 2013 and train evaluators (administrators and supervisors) by August 31, 2013. Districts are to begin using the models starting September 1, 2013.

It is expected, based on recommendations from a state committee, that teacher evaluation will be based 50% on classroom observation using one of the models and 50% on student achievement. We believe that 5% of the student achievement component will include results of standardized tests. The rest of the student achievement component will be based on locally developed benchmark assessments in the subject. The evaluation models are generally more robust evaluation instruments and designed to provide much more data to inform instruction. These specific requirements may be adjusted after the state hears the reports from the pilots.

Deadlines are approaching and the requirements are not solidified, so many school districts are very confused about their direction. Districts without music specialist supervisors or administrators are likely struggling to put the right assessments in place.