The Music Education Policy Roundtable



What is The Music Education Policy Roundtable?

A music education advocacy and public policy infrastructure of organizations dedicated to ensuring the presence and perseverance of school music programs operated by certified music educators teaching sequential, standards-based music education to students across the nation.

An alliance of music advocacy organizations formalized by the National Association for Music Education (NAfME) and American String Teachers Association (ASTA) and recognized publicly under the stated name of “The Music Education Policy Roundtable.”

The unification of all music education advocacy organizations under a single policy apparatus, working in unison to achieve a consensus set of federal legislative recommendations, on behalf of the profession and all of those who stand to benefit from its contributions to education.

The formalization of The Music Education Policy Roundtable last June represented a watershed moment for the music community as a whole.  Associations choosing to opt-in to this new coalition and its activities will be making a strong public statement that the field of music stands united in support of our goals and the cause that we all hold so dear.  Through strength in numbers and dedicated year-round advocacy, we are slowly beginning to change minds in Washington, DC, and attitudes across the country about the importance and necessity of maintaining classroom music.  The National Association for Music Education and its Roundtable partners are deeply devoted to the cause of building out a proficient and highly influential music coalition and have devoted significant staff time and resources to achieving results.  We hope to bring along as many likeminded music organizations as possible as we continue pursuing this exciting next chapter in our collaborative advocacy work.

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