Wynton Marsalis Discusses the Value of Arts Education

WYNTON MARSALIS On Arts Education:

We love this op-ed by famed jazz performer Wynton Marsalis and Harvard President Drew Faust on the value of arts education, especially because of quotes like these:

“We hear widespread calls for ‘outcomes’ we can measure and for education geared to specific employment needs, but many of today’s students will hold jobs that have not yet been invented, deploying skills not yet defined…
“We need education that nurtures judgment as well as mastery, ethics and values as well as analysis. We need learning that will enable students to interpret complexity, to adapt, and to make sense of lives they never anticipated.

Read the complete piece: Faust/Marsalis: The Art of Learning, (USA Today; December 31, 2013)

In addition, watch a recent video interview with Wynton Marsalis, conducted by the National Association for Music Education (NAfME) in February 2014.