Writing to Your Elected Representatives

Writing to Your Elected Representatives

While there is no one way to organize a letter (or email) to an elected official, below you will find suggestions for a typical 3-paragraph letter.

Above: List your name, address, email address, and phone number


Paragraph 1:  Introduce yourself (Where are you from?  What is your background?).  State why you are writing.

Paragraph 2:  Provide details about why you are writing.  Tell your story!  Make it personal but not sentimental.  Use specific examples and facts if possible.

Paragraph 3: Request the action(s) that you would like the elected official to take.  (If you’re not sure what action you want, consider the “asks” at the bottom of the Music Education Policy Roundtable Document).  Close by thanking the member for his or her time and consideration.

Other Suggestions:

–      Write only to those people who represent you directly (from your district or state).

–      Keep your letter short (one page if possible).