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Building Better Brass by John Pursell

This session helps individual players and their teachers make their own practice sessions more productive and efficient. The material presented should be of immediate use and able to be implemented without undue difficulty. Attendees will learn how to develop greater range, greater endurance, better sound and improved cold weather playing by using the “pumping brass” system of practice for a more physiologically correct way of playing. Common problems found in students will also be discussed and solutions given.


A New Twist on Clarinet Methods by Andrea R. DiOrio

Fresh ideas, useful analogies, practical exercises, and detailed demonstrations will address a plethora of clarinet student issues.  Learn why these problems happen along with tangible solutions to implement immediately in your rehearsals.

As educators we repeat ourselves often: “Blow faster air!”  “Keep your tongue up!”  As we continue to repeat the same commands, students tend to disengage.  Take a new approach that includes fantastic analogies to help students understand exactly what we wish them to execute.  The focus will not only be on the problems and how to fix them, but also why these problems occur.  Understanding the ‘why’ as an educator and a student is the key to true educational success.  Multiple solutions will be offered to fix these common problems and all exercises will be demonstrated.  Lastly, the practical application of these ideas will be demonstrated using excerpts from band and orchestral literature. Attendees leave the session with tangible ideas and exercises to use in every day lessons, sectionals, and rehearsals. 

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DCI Presents: Design through focus: An approach to marching band drill creation for all shapes and sizes by Lee Carlson

A presentation using examples of small and large marching bands of how to control focus on the field and how to make people look where you want them to look. Why to use focus and how it affects the sound and the visual marriage of the overall program.


Instrument Repair Class with Bob Frushour, Director of Repair Operations at Music and Arts

How to keep your student’s horns out of the repair shop. Are you terrified when little Johnny says his instrument won’t play? Does the thought of bending a key or replacing a pad make you sweat? You should gain confidence by attending this session, which will focus on preventive maintenance as well as minor adjustments and repairs.Topics include how to diagnose and solve many common problems on a variety of instruments and when to leave the repair to a professional. All repairs will be completed using tools and parts from the Valentino Deluxe repair kit which was designed from the ground up to be easy to use and safe for the band room. Some of the techniques presented will get you through the concert while others are permanent repairs.

Keep Them Playing and In Class


Developing and Maintaining a Successful Band Program, Parts 1 and 2

Most music education programs prepare students to teach music and conduct ensembles. These webinars will help you discover the many non-music related tasks that are vital to building and maintaining a successful program. Ways to get the entire school community involved in supporting your program and encouraging your students will be discussed. Writing and developing a mission statement and philosophy of music education, writing lesson plans and starting a parents’ group are vital elements for developing a successful band program.


Rehearsing with a Purpose with Peter Boonshaft

Ideas for making rehearsals more productive, effective, and efficient, by focusing on rehearsing with purpose not simply rehearsing with effort, so as not to mistake activity for achievement, will be discussed.  Topics include: ensemble concepts, the purpose and application of warm-ups, types of rehearsing for specific goals, how problems can be avoided and how to infuse passion and enthusiasm into every rehearsal.


Some Alternative Techniques for Teaching Middle School Band by Todd Mahaffey

Some specific teaching strategies will be shared that are proven effective for Middle School Band. Additionally, technology resources will be discussed that aid in the implementation of these strategies. Discussion will include, but not be limited to: non-traditional seating charts, strategies for developing well-rounded percussionists, using drones to help with playing in tune, and incorporating chamber music into your curriculum.

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Honors Band Criteria
Literature List for Concert Band
Music Voting
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