General Music Channel

Classroom Management Made Easy by Sharon Burch

Experience how a puppet, stories, singing, movement and interactive games make music educational and fun! Classroom management problems disappear as the wiggliest kids are thoroughly engaged. This webinar will share strategies that make teaching music easy and effective. Activities and singing games that work from PreK-5th grade.



Listening Fun with Scarves and Tennis Balls by Dan Fee

Learn rhythmically expressive movement routines to classical music using scarves and tennis balls (NOT at the same time!). Each routine can be learned, taught and performed in a 30-minute music class. Several lesson delivery methods will be explored with emphasis placed on “best practices” and student management. The music of Bach, Grieg, Mendelssohn, Mussorgsky, Orff and others will be experienced.   Through active, creative and meaning-ful participation, your students will actively explore music and movement in ways they (and you) may have never thought were possible!




Embedding Music Improvisation and Composition into the General Music Curriculum by Lois Veenhoven Guderian

Interactive session engages music educators in an approach to general music where assignments in music improvisation and composition are an outgrowth of, related to, and reinforcing of course content thus providing students with opportunities to apply what they are learning in creative ways. Teachers will develop understandings in ways to engage students in standards-based, sequentially-designed curriculum while at the same time nurturing students’ creative thinking in music. Included: participation in creative assignments for general music teaching per age categories of elementary, middle, and high school learners.

Lesson Plan


Lights, Camera, Create: Using Technology for Innovative Cross-Curricular Projects by Rochelle Wagner

Participants will learn through a hands-on approach how to use accessible classroom technology to create multi-disciplinary, student driven projects. In this session you will learn how to create fun and innovative short films for all ages using green screen technology, music composition, and original student writing projects. The software used in this session will include Windows Movie Maker, Song Writers Pad, ProCreate, and Garage Band.



No Experience Necessary: Homemade Electric Instruments in General Music Classroom by Ryan Bledsoe

Using technology is an important experience for our students to have, but it can be costly and intimidating. In this session, we will explore various simple homemade electronic devices that allow students to explore electronic sound without the expense of computers or software. Participants will learn how to build the devices and see how the devices can and have been used in the classroom

Electronic Unit


Inspire Young Composers! by Kristin Pugliese

This session will walk teachers through a simple process of exploring, experimenting and finally composing with early elementary students until each has created a wonderful work he or she will want to publish. We will then take it a step further! Each class will combine their compositions, add form and orchestration to make one classroom piece that they can revisit and rework throughout the year!


Improvisation in a General Music Classroom by Rachel Whitcomb

Improvisation in elementary general music can be a wonderful way to foster creativity in young children! This webinar will address challenges facing music educators when attempting to incorporate improvisation in elementary general music, such as lack of instructional time, lack of experience improvising as part of personal musicianship, and lack of training to teach improvisation. Suggestions to address these challenges will be provided and practical lesson plans designed to help teachers get started with classroom improvisation will be shared.

Ideas for Improvisation


Integrating Orff into the General Music Classroom by Judy Barthwell

Integrating Orff into the General Music Classroom This webinar will give several ideas and plans for Integrating Orff in the General Music Classroom. There will be a little history of Orff in the United States, and a brief explanation of the philosophy of Orff Schulwerk to ground participants in the concepts. Look for videos of students and lesson plans that can be utilized.