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Teaching Guitar with ChordBuddy

This webinar goes through the magic of ChordBuddy, from putting it on the guitar to removing the buttons and playing without one. We will address ways to track growth, integrate technology, and assess your students. The ChordBuddy guitar method is designed to help teachers who don’t play the guitar, teach guitar. The color-coded system and option to play the guitar flat, helps to differentiate your classroom to meet the needs of all learners in grades K-8 and older. Students first focus on learning music, strum patterns, and building strength in their left hand. When the student is ready they remove the buttons, like training wheels on a bike, and they begin to play chords. Come learn how your students can play a song on the first day of class and love the guitar!


Guitar Academy from Music Education Week 2012 by Glen McCarthy

Guitar classes are being used in many schools as a way to provide more students with a music education. However, many music educators find themselves unsure of the methods and curriculum for such a class. Join Glen McCarthy to discover the unique qualities of the guitar that make it a perfect vehicle for improvising, composing, and learning how to read music. Attendees will also learn the curricular sequence that is used in “Teaching Guitar Workshops” and will be given strategies for starting a guitar class and improving a guitar curriculum in their school.

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Setting Up a Guitar Room


Guitar Methods by Bill Purse

Explore the use of guitar in the classroom and gain insights into special methods and tips to help you setup, expand and manage a successful guitar curriculum. Bill Purse is the chair of the NAfME/NAMM/GAMA Guitar Education Team and will also give a brief overview of this their Teaching Guitar Workshops. The Teaching Guitar Workshops are available to all NAfME members and provide an included quality guitar, three graduate credits from Duquesne University, special guitar accessories and a week of intensive guitar study with leading guitar educators at nine national sites this summer.

40 Guitar Tips for the Music Educator


Guitar in General Music Classes by Deborah Barber

Incorporating the guitar in general music instruction along with recorders and keyboards can be easier than you think. And SO COOL!