Jazz Channel

Building your Jazz Program from the Ground Up presented by David Kauffman

This session will address the variety of challenges associated with establishing or improving an instrumental jazz program in your school. Topics will include: scheduling, setting realistic expectations and goals, equipment demands, music selection, listening skill development, working with your administration, and creating performance opportunities for your group.


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Jazz Keyboard Voicing and Bass Lines presented by Elliot Gray

With students from a variety of musical backgrounds, enabling your new jazz pianists and bassists to be successful in the jazz band can be a challenge. This session will outline key moments in training your rhythm section players to be active listeners, play authentic voicings and bass lines, and develop cohesion throughout the band.

Jazz Voicing and Bass Line Writing


Low Impact Jazz Improvisation presented by Greg Yasinitsky

An easy, successful was to get your students improvising is to use a “key centered approach.” This works with even the youngest players and yet is also effective for advanced improvisers. This webinar will feature tunes written especially for developing improvisers. Soon you will have your students improvising in major keys, minor keys and on blues harmonies.