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String Methods Class Refresher with Bob Phillips

Teaching strings from the ground up. This webinar is applicable to string teachers who want a refresher and for wind, brass, or vocal teachers who are new to string teaching. Basics will be reviewed including elements of sound production and articulation, developing a great tone and how to diagnose playing problems and then solve them.

String Method Class


OMG Strings! Tips and Tools for the Non-string Playing String Teacher by Kate McFadden

“Also, we need you to teach strings.” “What!! I’m not a string person.” This session will give tips and tools to help the non-string-playing string teacher. Topics that will be covered include getting to know the instrument, choosing an instrument and accessories, left, and right-hand techniques, producing a solid tone, tuning instruments, playing in tune, choosing methods and music. You will leave with ideas that can be used immediately in the string class.

OMG Strings Webinar


The All Inclusive String Ensemble: Activities and Exercises to Make Every Student Succeed in Strings presented by Vivian Gonzalez

Getting Fit for Strings Strength, flexibility and agility are key components to string instrument readiness and success, but many times studio and classroom teachers neglect to focus on these skills. In more than fifteen years of public school teaching and private studio teaching, I have developed specific exercises that target posture and left and right had issues, so that students can acquire new skills faster and with less frustration, tension and injury. These exercises have proven to be especially effective with special learners, who sometimes have fine and gross motor control issues. In this session, I will gladly share the exercises that my students do regularly in my classroom (elementary strings) and private studio (elementary through college) to enhance their overall playing ability.