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Building and Evaluating Effective Music Education with Teacher Evaluation Workbook by Glenn Nierman and Mike Blakeslee

Everybody wants effective education for all our children. And one of the most talked-about concepts in achieving effective education is that of “accountability” – especially on the part of teachers. While the discussion is going on, music teachers and their principals or other supervisors are grappling with the fact that the field needs help with accomplishing fair and effective evaluation of those charged with bringing music to our students. NAfME has developed two “Workbooks” to meet this challenge – and this webinar will introduce those workbooks and how they can help.



Assessment, Teacher Evaluation, and Teacher Effectiveness: Navigating Changing Landscapes by NAfME Program Leaders

Attendees will hear diverse perspectives from the National Council of Music Program Leaders regarding how music teachers can successfully navigate local, state, and national teacher evaluation policy changes. Specific topics will examine multiple aspects of teacher evaluation, including strategies and best practices for teacher observation and student growth.



Music Education Standards and Assessments website: A resource for music educators across the United States with Dan Massoth

The drive for data and accountability has reached a fevered pitch in discussions both at the national and state levels. Learn about a new website devoted to documenting state level student assessment and teacher evaluation information, what is being done to develop valid and reliable assessments, and hear an update on progress towards the new National Core Arts Standards.


Policies and Procedures in Teacher Assessment and Evaluation by Johanna Siebert

Teacher evaluation models across the country are being re-designed to include some form of student growth and/or achievement scores that indicate the effectiveness of each teacher. This process has caused music educators to look more closely at the assessments used to measure musical skills and development, as well as how to enlighten supervising administrators to the unique roles and responsibilities common to our profession. This presentation will provide background information on the policies shaping such change, as well as NAfME resources for music educators for reflecting on their own process.

Helpful Resources


Orzolek’s Research in Teacher Evaluation by Doug Orzolek

The dialogue about teacher evaluation in our country has reached its pinnacle with boundless reports, research and papers that opine about the best possible approaches for holding teachers accountable for student learning and growth. This presentation will discuss some of the latest themes and consider the practical application of those ideas for the evaluation of music educators.


Assessment for Purpose of Teacher Evaluation by Dr. Kelly Parkes

Dr. Parkes will overview Charlotte Danielson’s Frameworks for Teaching and Marzano’s Causal Teacher Evaluation Model. Dr. Parkes will give a brief discussion about how different states are approaching the issue of including student achievement in teacher evaluation practices. She will give some suggestions for music teachers for developing student learning outcome measures, as well as ways in which teachers can best communicate with their administrators about the teaching they undertake in music classrooms.