Forum Rules

NAfME Forum Rules of Conduct and Behavior

The NAfME forum is an area for discussing professional concerns and topics in music education in a supportive atmosphere. Participants are expected to be professional and respectful. By loggin in and posting to the NAfME forum, you agree to abide by the forum’s rules. Participants breaking these rules will be warned. Forum posts express the views of the author, and neither NAfME nor the developers of this forum will be held responsible for the content of any post.

For more detailed information about using the forum, please see the FAQs.

NAfME staff reserve the right to

  • Be the sole decision makers of what violates forum rules.
  • Reveal information we have about a user in the event of a complaint or legal action arising from any forum post or action.
  • Remove or edit any topic or post.
  • Take any actions they deem appropriate to ensure the forums are not abused.

Rules for posts

  • Do not post your topic more than once or start new topics on subjects already being discussed.
  • Do not post the following: job announcements or inquiries, self-promotion, advertising or soliciting, sexual or offensive content, abusive language, or content that violates any laws.
  • Do not invite members to contact you by private message or e-mail.
  • Avoid using all caps.
  • Do not participate in topic hijacking (purposefully taking a topic off subject).

Rules for usernames
Usernames may not contain obscenities; suggestive, provocative, racist or insulting names; or URLs.

Comments about these rules and the actions taken by administrators or moderators (the forum staff) should be directed to the contact e-mail. These comments will be considered and clarified where possible. Posts made to the forum regarding the rules or actions of the forum staff may be removed without warning.