Society for Music Teacher Education- Roles and Reponsibilities

Purpose NAfME is an association that serves a broad array of subspecialties in the field of music education. As members of the National Executive Board are chosen on the basis of geographic representation, serving a broader spectrum of member needs requires a broader array of designated groups that have the appropriate professional expertise and commitment. Societies specifically serve those groups with such specialized expertise that the society itself is best qualified to identify appropriate nominees for its own governing board.

Mission  The mission of the National Association for Music Education (NAfME) Society for Music Teacher Education is to improve the quality of teaching and research in music teacher education; provide leadership in the establishment of standards for certification of music teachers; and serve as an arm of NAfME in influencing developments in music teacher education and in the certification of music teachers.  (October 2011)

Goals:     The Committee goals are a mutual and collaborative process among the NEB, National President, Chair, S and C members, and assigned staff consistent with the Association’s priorities and within the limits of the operating budget of the Association. Generally, the committee will help the Association:

  • Increase membership
  • Increase involvement & enthusiasm for the Association
  • Learn more about the Association volunteer network
  • Specifically, the goals include those set in the Presidential Charges.

Responsibilities of the Society:

  • The Chair is to meetings with the entire committee (including the National Executive Board/NEB liaison) to discuss Society initiatives and seek input from each other.
  • The Society is to support the music research and teacher education conference held biennially.
  • The Society will work to provide awareness of music research, topical items and events by providing content for NAfME’s website under on a monthly basis. (The NAfME staff liaison will then post to the appropriate web page.)
  • The Society will provide mentors to monitor the Teacher Evaluation Forum on NAfME’s website from September – May of each year. Mentors can be assigned from within the Society or recruited from other qualified NAfME members in the SMTE community. Mentors are to answer forum questions or initiate dialog when forum activity is slow.



  • Membership in NAfME
  • At least one member of the Society will be an individual with expertise in teaching music education through technology. It is the responsibility of the Chair to name an individual with this qualification, if no such individual is among the appointees
  • Reporting: Each Society will submit an annual written report on progress toward the council’s goals. This report will be submitted in time for dissemination to the National Assembly.