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We partner with Acceptd to simplify the all-state audition and application. Currently, Acceptd works with school band, choir, and orchestra programs across the country to make sure every young musician has a chance to participate in his or her all-state competitions.

Students are at the heart of what Acceptd does. Their mission is to help connect talented young artists to colleges, festivals, competitions, scholarships, and professional arts opportunities at an international scale. With a clientele that includes such prestigious organizations like The Juilliard School, The National YoungArts Foundation, and Verbier Festival, Acceptd works to ensure every young musician has the chance to pursue his or her dreams.

To learn more about how Acceptd can help streamline the application process for your all-state programs, click here.


For Students

For music students, Acceptd has become the premier admissions platform. It’s easy for students to submit their applications, along with audition media like prescreen videos, audio files, and headshots, because it’s all hosted in one location: their Acceptd profile. They can store resumes, awards, and letters of recommendation there as well and continue to update them over time. Using the Acceptd platform, students can apply to as many colleges and programs as they want without having to worry about travel time or expenses.

This year, Acceptd has added a new student-centric feature—the Discoverable Profile—where students can choose to have their Acceptd profile searchable by colleges and universities. For the first time, college-bound music students can be recruited in much the same way as college-bound athletes. The Discoverable Profile opens up a whole new world of opportunities for students interested in studying music performance and music education.

For Faculty

For music faculty, Acceptd offers a more streamlined approach to the entire audition process— from identifying and recruiting talented music students to reviewing and managing applications online. Auditions submitted via Acceptd can act as a precursor or even a replacement for in-person screening auditions. Each opportunity—from music festivals and summer camps to undergraduate and masters programs—has its own individualized landing page on Acceptd that’s marketed and easily accessible to thousands of students. Here, appropriate faculty can outline specific audition guidelines, application requirements, and deadlines. Acceptd offers a completely customized adjudication portal for faculty to review submitted applications and digital auditions from virtually anywhere.