Disney Performing Arts

NAfME knows that an excellent performance is the product of comprehensive and sequential music instruction. And we also know that the benefits of music education extend far beyond the music classroom and, in fact, even beyond the school experience. But defining and demonstrating how learning occurs and what constitutes excellence is a constant challenge for music educators and advocates. How can music educators demonstrate the progress that their students are making, while increasing their program’s visibility and providing students with an even more enriching learning experience? This is why our partnership with Disney Performing Arts is so important. Disney Performing Arts has a proven track record of excellence. They know how to broaden our students’ educational experiences and inspire them to strive for even higher levels of musicianship. And along the way, Disney Performing Arts programs, which include performance opportunities, workshops and festivals, help students to learn the essential qualities of collaboration, creativity, communication and innovation that are so critical to success in the 21st century. In short, producing an excellent ensemble is much more than just knowing the notes. In order to be truly successful, our students need instruction that challenges the whole person, both inside and outside the classroom. We are proud to endorse Disney Performing Arts as an official partner in our quest to orchestrate success for America’s students! Find out more at Disney Performing Arts. NAfME members benefit from this and other industry partnerships, money-saving programs and exclusive services. Join NAfME today using campaign code: Disney!