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David and Tom,

I joined NAfME primarily because of your joint exchange on this post.

Thank you for such encouraging and insightful instruction, (and I hope you’re still there… as these last posts are 2 years old).
I began a path to music education two months ago, utilizing an accelerated Alternative Licensure option in New Mexico).

I am a musician, who has worked in IT up until TWO MONTHS AGO (that’s an IT career spanning from 1997 through JULY 1st, 2016). Since, I have established my necessary teaching certifications and have been hired, to split between two 1/2 day programs in two middle schools in Albuquerque. I’ll be attempting to establish two (2) middle school choir programs from scratch. (In one, I don’t have a room. We’ll be using the “common area” of the school, and I’ll have access to a piano which can be rolled out onto the floor in that space.

I expect to start September 19th, 2016
Thank you for your attention and best regards,