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Hi! I teach in a very small school as well and it has taken me many years to change my mindset about what chorus “should be.” My primary goal is to give these kids a positive musical experience. That means that they need to feel successful- if they don’t, they aren’t going to want to continue. Some ways my small choirs have been successful:
1. Rock band style- teach them a few simple chords on guitar, drum set, bass, and piano and perform a piece.
2. Ukulele ensemble- easy instrument to pick up and sing at the same time (cheap too!)
3. Let them choose the music. They will be more invested. Start by giving them a few choices you seem appropriate, but then let them have ownership.
4. Get off the risers! Kids feel very self conscious- put them in a semi circle around a mic or two
5. Lots of games in rehearsal to build a culture of community and acceptance- if they don’t trust you and each other, they won’t sing out.
6. Combine with another choir from a neighboring school.
7. Most importantly- change your own mindset! It’s not about how you were taught- times are a changing!

I hope this helps a little!