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Congratulations! And welcome to the world of Middle School Chorus. I have been teaching Middle School chorus for 7 years and I still enjoy it! Some things that I do to introduce a new music selection is to find a really great performance of the piece. When teaching the piece, I try to teach a easy section first. And then move to the more challenging sections. I really love to teach my students to use solfege and rhythm reading to help with their sight reading of a new piece. I have my students practice sight reading and rhythm reading daily for at lease 10 minutes or so. However you decide to go….try to make it fun for the students! I use the Sing At First Sight series and Rollo Dilworth has a good book for teaching vocal techniques called Choir Builders.
When looking for repertoire anything by Andrea Ramsey, Mary Lynn Lightfoot, Greg Gilphin, Sally Albrecht, Jay Althouse, Andy Beck just to name a few! Good luck in your new position!