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In our department meeting before school started, a handout was distributed with a list of definitions for the new CCSS Arts Standards.

Anchor Standards describe the general knowledge and skill that teachers expect students to demonstrate throughout their education in the arts. These anchor standards are parallel across arts disciplines and grade levels and serve as the tangible educational expression of artistic literacy.

That’s the dictionary (well I’m not sure where it’s from) definition from our packet. This was preceded by 11 anchor standards which exist in the new Arts standards. They are:
1. Generate and conceptualize artistic ideas and work
2. Organize and develop artistic ideas and work
3. Refine and complete artistic ideas and work
4. Select, analyze, and interpret artistic work for presentation
5. Develop and refine artistic technique and work for presentation
6. Convey meaning through the presentation of artistic work
7. Perceive and analyze artistic work
8. Interpret intent and meaning in artistic work
9. Apply criteria to evaluate artistic work
10. Relate artistic ideas and works with societal, cultural, and historical context to deepen understanding
11. Synthesize and relate knowledge and personal experiences to make art