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Yes, more complicated movements could easily be used for Grade 2 +. Grade 4 will usually go with it, but they’re on the edge of too cool for school and may think little movements too childlike for them.

I have never had a projector in a place where it could be conveniently visible from the carpet. Hence I made notes about any Feierabend movement ideas I got and incorporated them sporadically during my lessons. I see little kids – PreK-1 – twice a week (and everyone else once a week) so a few minutes here and there of movement go a long way. I never use the entire pieces, as he does a few movements repeated usually.

I would say use them in accordance with whatever your focus is. Ex., if you’re doing fast vs. slow, have them watch and imitate Flight of the Bumblebee (I’m not sure if that’s one of his pieces, just an example). Kids enjoy predictability, so don’t jump from one to another. Once you introduce a song/video let them move to it once per class for at least two classes. Then a couple weeks after that you can go back to it and see if they remember those examples / routines.

Inasmuch as I like Feierabend, I don’t think it should be the only movement you do. A little Dalcroze (improvising full body movements to music) is fun for little ones. Have them think about what they’ll do, then allow a couple kids to move to music. Discuss what they did, ensure enough safe space for movement, and let the other students do likewise.