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I have found most books go about the same pace (Accent on Achievement, Measure of Success, Standard of Excellence, Tradition of Excellence), sometimes if you contact the publisher they’ll send you a perusal copy of usually the clarinet book to see if you like it.

Do you do anything with solfege? Another band director I worked with who was trying it was having great success with it, and once I did I found the kids had success quicker (plus you can solfege cool pep band things they tend to love).

I had a job once where I had to teach beginners (from scratch) as a band (24 kids total) on all different instruments without lessons. (After I freaked out 🙂 I set them up so I could walk around every student to help and would go really slow, sometime only one note at a time, but I would teach everyone what the fingering was, have that instrument try the note and if I had already worked with a couple of sections, they would play along too. Because of the slow turn around I had to arrange reallllly basic music. They played together in parts and I kept my enthusiasm at a maximum so they were uber thrilled, as were their parents, at being able to play.

I hope some of this helps. Every job is unique and if you pace yourself with these 6 and they enjoy it, you’ll have more to work with in no time (and hopefully the support to go along with it.) I am happy to offer any more ideas if I can, good luck!!!