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I was in your boat about 8 years ago. This is really before the special ed for music blew up. What I did was a lot of repetition and movement. As Edwin Gordon would say, it’s ok if they don’t react – JUST KEEP DOING THINGS. Whether they are “enjoying” what you’re doing or not is not something you should take personally. I found that Ella Jenkins material is really good for them. Look her up and see if you can find anything. Anything with high/low is good. If you can get your hands on a slide whistle, they love that at the younger ages. Keep it simple! High/low, fast/slow, loud/soft. Younger kids you can do body parts with (Head, shoulders….). The Horse Stood Around with His Foot on the Ground, My Feet are Starting to Wiggle. Things like that. If you Google “They Might Be Giants” they did a whole series of songs and videos (which kids love) on counting and the alphabet. Great fun things. And then there’s games. 20 years ago I did a practicum with a teacher who had tons of games. I don’t know where to get a resource for that, but I bet someone knows a good source. Hopefully that helps. GOOD LUCK and remember – just have fun with them! If you keep that in mind, they will have fun too and don’t get discouraged. They’re reaction to you can mean a lot of different things. Just keep it moving, but repeat a lot.