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Hi jwilder,

I reached out to one of my former students who is using iPads actively in her classroom in CT (Middle School/high School) and a few of her suggestions are below. I also was aimed to the blog of another CT Music teacher, Brandt Schneider who presented at the CMEA conference. He posted a long app list and I have posted the link to the blog below as well. Best of luck! -Jamie Spillane

-Tenuto – it’s for ipad. I love it – great simple drills and stuff for theory, guitar, and keyboard. It costs like $5, but it is totally worth it.
-Lots of people using Garage Band
-Finale has a reader app called SongBook which has annotation capability and easy page turning (you can scan in PDFs of scores and read easily from it)
-obviously there are a million free metronome and pitch pipe apps, as well as free piano apps (not for good piano playing, but for convenient keyboard reference)
-Sometimes I use the iPad so I can display on the SmartBoard exactly where I’m looking in my choral score (like using an overhead projector – AirPlay the iPad through Apple TV to show the class what I have on my iPad). Sometimes it’s really helpful to be able to point to it for kids who are new at score reading and might be lost.
-PraiseHymns is a great, seemingly unlimited source of perfect 4 part sight-reading material