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I did a presentation a little while back on using the technology you may already own to make your music teaching life easier. Here is my list of applications and services. Maybe some of these will work for your purposes. Be Well! Chris Peterson

Web-based Services to Simplify Your Job
1. Dropbox:
Video teaser:
2. Google Voice:
Sign up for a Google account and check out all the stuff there. Under “more” follow the menu to “even more.”
3. Google Calendars:
Create and share calendars with your classes…across all devices.
4. Google Drive:
Cloud storage and Document sharing…amazing!
5. Remind 101:
Text students all at once, without giving YOUR phone number.

6. Attendance:
Use your iPad to keep track of who is there, and also communicate with
classes by email.
7. Perform Pro:
Read music from your iPad as PDF’s and have the pages scroll as you play.
8. Tempo:
The best metronome in the world for iPhone and iPad.
9. Virtuoso:
A piano in your pocket that sounds pretty good.
10. Sounds: The Pronunciation App :
Learn IPA and have your students learn it too!
11. IPA NOW!:!-italian/id490428333?mt=8
Take any text in English, French, German or Italian and get a very close IPA reference sheet to use with your students.
12. The Amazing Slow Downer:
Change the key and speed of any digital audio recording.
13. Audio Hijack Pro: (MAC OSX only):
Capture any audio that your computer can play, and send it to iTunes.
14. Earmaster:
Ear training at your computer for a fee…but very good.
15. Good Ear:
Free ear training at your computer.
16. Music
Music Theory lessons at your computer or in the classroom.
17. Turboscan:
Turn your iPhone into a scanner…a really good one!
18. Cleartune Chromatic Tuner:
Fabulous tuner for guitar, instruments, and even voice.
19. Pitchpipe:
Have your pitchpipe ready for a cappella music and barbershop TAGS!