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Jeff has some great ideas. One other thing I do is use:

Google Voice:
Sign up for a Google account and check out all the stuff there. Under “more” follow the menu to “even more.”

You can evaluate students by having them call in to a central number (NOT your cell) that then forwards to your phone or email as a voice text. I will assign a passage from the literature in rehearsal and say “everyone call it in by tomorrow at 5 pm.” They call in and sing the passage into the phone, and then I can get a time date stamp and can evaluate if they sang it well, and the quality is not too bad. It’s like in the old days that we had kids step in a practice room and record themselves with a tape recorder, but now it can be done from school, from home, or where ever. And you don’t have to collect a bag of tapes, or have a line waiting for the practice room. I hope that helps. Be Well, Chris Peterson