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Since my low strings play our school instruments, I tune those before the students arrive. Then I only have to tune the violins and violas. I take a ton of time at the beginning of the year to teach the little ones how to tune. This pays itself off ten times over, since by October they can all tune themselves. However, I do require them all to have a tuner in their case, or download the “Musician’s Kit” app onto their i-pads. I show them exactly how to use it and only allow them to use the fine tuners at first. If their strings are way out of tune then I do it. Once the cellists and bassists have watched this tuning process, then they quickly learn to tune as well.
Other strategies that I have seen include having all violins and violas line up to be tuned and the teacher quickly tunes each. Another is the teacher has each section play one string at a time then the teacher comes around and adjusts those who need it.
I hope this helps!
All the Best,
Linda Simon-Mietus
PS: If anyone else has any other suggestions, please post them. Thanks!