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My suggestion would be to first start by becoming familiar with the Three Artistic Processes (Connecting is embedded in Creating, Performing and Understanding). Looking at the Essential Question is a great way to begin. I would also look at the definition of the Process Component (What is written right under the name of the Component (Imagine
Generate musical ideas for various purposes and contexts). The Processes, their Components and the EU and EQs are what guided the development of the Standards.

Depending on the course the teacher is teaching at the 8th grade level, he or she may want to look at the Standards for the strands – Ensemble or Guitar. These standards may be more appropriate for the course being taught. If it is a General Music Class I am unclear as to why one would not teach codas (endings) or how harmonic accompaniments work in this type of class. In order more appropriately answer this question I really need to know the nature of the course being taught.

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