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I have heard rumors of this here in Ohio, and it seems to be tied to the Ohio Code of Ethics language that prohibits educators from using their positions for personal gain. In my district, we don’t have issues with this. In others, they do. I think it all comes down to how your district interprets the ethics code.

In my opinion, I find it absolutely ridiculous that some districts are going after music teachers for doing things that better our profession. (judging, honor bands, clinics, etc.) However, we voted these people into office so we have to live with the consequences. In short, all of this is nothing more than an attempt to demoralize public school educators.

Back on topic: your best bet is to sit down and discuss this with your principal/HR dept/superintendent/union rep and find out how your district will interpret this policy.

To be safe, in our district, we don’t teach private lessons to any students that we assign grades to. We are fortunate to have enough quality private instructors in our community that I don’t have to teach lessons at all. However, I do teach lessons for students from a nearby district. I don’t know how a school system can tell you what you can or can not do on your own time, especially when it doesn’t relate to the students in the district.

Unfortunately, in their attempt to bash teachers, politicians are doing nothing more than limiting opportunities for kids. It’s a sad state of affairs. What state are you in?