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We have all encountered a similar situation if we have been in the classroom for a few years. Do not lose heart and use your school and district resources. Talk with the child’s classroom teacher, your principal and school psychologist to learn about the history and current learning styles of the child and share strategies. Fill out an IEP and have the proper professionals come in and observe the child in your setting. Document everything so that you have your own history which will assist in diagnosing the problem and illuminate patterns or triggers. While this action plan is progressing, find a moment here and there to talk with the child one on one maybe while the class is working independently on a project or a “planned” by chance time. Ask what he enjoys doing in music, what he would like to do in music, music or other interests that could tie into what you’re doing, anything that can help you make a personal positive connection with him and work from there.

All the best!
Christine Hayes, Past-Chair, Council for General Music Education
K-5 General Music, Whitewater, WI