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Oftentimes when I have a sub, I simply cannot plan on them having any music experience. If they do, it’s great – but if not, I sometimes have students spend time with worksheets that help build on skills that have previously been taught in class. One of the easy things that you can have students do is write out the music they’re working on into another position in tablature (or any position if the music is new to them). Try keeping a stack of tablature paper and have the sub hand it out to students. They can work individually or in groups. If they don’t have regular sheet music accessible to them you can have another stack of simple melodies that they need to tab out. It’s a good way to practice a skill in a different way than normal. Try giving a prize when you return for the student who has tabbed out the most songs (or who can play the most number of songs because they have the tab!)

I do this a couple times a year at most – any more is generally conceived as busywork, however, it can be fun and helpful in moderation.