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Hi, Bob,

Thank you for posting in this forum. While I did not receive my Masters online, I am currently finishing my doctorate in this way, and I can tell you that with any program, you get what you put into it. Online learning requires a lot of discipline, particularly because people who choose to go this route are also juggling careers, families, etc. That said, I am unaware of a program that caters specifically to elementary music. This doesn’t mean it does not exist. I am not familiar with every master’s program out there. If you look at many masters programs, there’s a fair amount of courses that focus on research, statistics, assessment, and history, which is typical. I suggest that you look at the course offerings for various online masters programs to see if elementary music is offered as an elective. You might also find a program that does focus specifically on elementary music. A good place to start your search is the online program at Boston University.

Good luck!

Erin Zaffini