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First as for collaboration, why not use skype and collaborate with someone that way. I would be willing to do if we could find a matching time.

Second, as for the time you need to have a clear plan for each week and also need to map out at least every 6 to 9 weeks in advance. I have a plan for the entire year. Another thing to do is to plan out what is most essential things that each grade level is to learn for the year. I did this and it really helps. You can look at mine if you just send me your email address at , even if you do not agree with the concepts listed it is still what I use.

As for time I would love to have that much time. I have 5th grade once every 6 days, 4th grade once every 7 days, 1st and 3rd grades once every 8 days, and K and 2nd once every 9 days. All of my classes are for 40 minutes.