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Guitar Ensemble Adjudication Group: ______________________________

(Circle ONE number only)

Tone (5 points) The ensemble’s tone quality:
5 is full and rich in the majority of ranges and registers.
4 is full and rich but is inconsistent in occasional passages.
3 has some flaws in basic tone production.
2 has several major flaws in basic tone production.
1 is not a tone characteristic of the instrument.

Intonation/Note Accuracy (5 points) The ensemble’s intonation and note accuracy:
5 are accurate regardless of technical considerations throughout the instrument’s range.
4 are accurate with isolated lapses.
3 are mostly accurate but tuning or note accuracy is more problematic.
2 suggest attempt at tuning and basic understanding of note reading.
1 are not accurate. Serious intonation problems or serious flaws in note accuracy.

Rhythmic Accuracy (5 points) The ensemble’s rhythm:
5 is accurate throughout.
4 is nearly accurate but lacked precise interpretation of some rhythm patterns.
3 lacks accuracy on many patterns.
2 is inconsistent on most rhythm patterns.
1 is not accurate.

Tempo (5 points) The ensemble’s tempo:
5 is accurate and consistent with the printed tempo markings.
4 approaches the printed tempo marking, yet the performed tempo does not detract significantly from the performance.
3 is at a different tempo than the printed tempo marking, resulting in an inappropriate tempo for the selection.
2 is performed with noticeable inconsistencies (i.e. rushing, dragging, inaccurate tempo changes).
1 is not accurate or consistent, with major flaws including rushing or dragging.

Interpretation (5 points) The ensemble demonstrates:
5 the highest level of musicality. A model of musical expression.
4 a high level of musicality, but some phrases or dynamics were not consistent with the musical demands of the selection.
3 a moderate level of musicality and expression. Some attention to dynamics and stylistic demands are evident.
2 a limited amount of musicality and expression.
1 a lack of musicality and expression.

Technique (5 total points possible) (circle ONE number per item) The performers demonstrate:
1 0 appropriate right hand position.
1 0 appropriate left hand position.
1 0 awareness of proper fingering techniques.
1 0 proper position of the guitar.
1 0 use of techniques (rest stroke, free stroke, plectrum) appropriate to selection.

Balance/Blend (5 total points possible) (circle ONE number per item) The ensemble members:
1 0 maintain proper balance in all ranges.
1 0 ensure that the melody is predominant.
1 0 ensure equal harmony in all parts.
1 0 appropriately interchange melodic and harmonic roles.
1 0 adjust dynamic levels to achieve unity of sound.

TOTAL SCORE_________ / 35, I:29-35, II:22-28, III:15-21, IV:8-14, V:0-7

________________________________ FINAL RATING __________
Adjudicator’s Signature