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I have tried out Weebly and think it is really nice as well. Another alternative is YOLA, which I’ve used to create a few educational websites for an afterschool program as well as an orchestral outreach website. You can check out my current website at, which is the one I made through YOLA. The website does have some limitations, but it does have some rather nice looking templates to help you get started. You upload all the pictures you want to utilize into a YOLA gallery and then just input them wherever you want.

To make separate classroom pages, just make different pages with the + button and then click the box to allow them to show up on the top row. The trick to making web pages look a little better is to utilize the columns widget to allow you to put text and pictures side by side or text and other text side by side. I have little to no website building experience, but Weebly and YOLA were both nice ways of creating something that gets the job done. Good luck!