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As others in this thread have said, it is impossible to retain every student that signs up for band/orchestra/choir, etc (as much as we wish we could). Rather than dwelling on the students who have dropped music, though, it is more important to focus on the students who are still in the program. These are probably the dedicated ones, the students who will most likely stay in the program for the duration, and the ones who genuinely want to be there and enjoy making music. Of course, if students are quitting in droves, a revision of one’s approach is probably necessary. However, if it is only a few students every once in a while, try to not take it personally. I like the approach snedekerj282 takes by making the effort to still talk to the students who left and leaving oneself open to communication, should the student ever wish to return.

It will always be difficult to watch a student leave. Especially when no reason or prior notice is given. But it is important to not take it personally because in the end, it is not about us. It is about the students who want to be there and want to make music, and those students deserve the best educational experience we can offer. The best we can do is maintain good communication with the students and their parents, learn from the experience and move forward.