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I teach in Delaware at a K-8 Charter School where we have pull-out scheduling for band; while I would definitely agree that there is a benefit to being able to work with specific instrument groups, the challenging part for me is not seeing students every day. If I saw my band students every day, I could almost guarantee that each student would have at least 5 consecutive days of effective practicing on his/her instrument. My sectionals/lessons run about 30 to 45 minutes in length; at the start, I focus on instrument assembly, posture, hand position, forming an embouchure and making a tone, and performing the first 5 notes of the Concert B-flat Scale. I use the book Traditon of Excellence that comes with a DVD/CD; I have all the band parents on an email list, and I email parents weekly as to what video lessons students should be watching and also what specific concepts that students need to practice. There are many students who I can look at/listen to and tell that they are practicing in the manner which I explain to them and their parents; even still, I have some students who quite obviously don’t practice enough, or don’t practice the right way despite my communication to parents. I have a system in place that dictates that students don’t move up to the next level until specific requirements are met. Any other thoughts/advice from those who have taught band with a pull-out schedule? Thanks!