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Not at all ridiculous, depending on what you are working on. I highly recommend doing the players-waiters-lookers set-up. If you have 8 workable keyboards, you can have a class of 24 and easily use them. One person is the player who has to use proper technique, correct melody, correct rhythm, etc. The waiters sit behind the person and wait–but they have to be watching what the player is doing, thinking and processing the performance and technique and preparing mentally for his or her turn. The looker is sitting on the other side of the keyboard looking at the keyboard inverted so to speak. The looker watches technique and provides constructive, friendly feedback on the performance. Then the students rotate. The first time is a little confusing–but once they get the hang of it you can use the PWL format for orff instruments, perc instruments, etc. This technique is fantastic for using a small set of instruments, promotes social and emotional learning, and you may find your students learn faster because they are both teachers and learners. Good luck!

A final thought, may want to consider having one to take apart and show the students what the inside of a keyboard looks like. My students LOVED that–it was one of their favorite lessons! 🙂

Bridget James
NAfME Council for General Music Education (NCGME)