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Hi Rebecca!
My name is Val Ellett, and I’ve been teaching about 21 years now…. girl, this “lesson plan template” is just as weird for ME as it is for you! I can relate. The new standards are great, but getting them sorted out at the state level, and then your own DISTRICT level is a whole new bit of “fun”.

Our district has been busy working on applying the new NAfME standards (PLEASE!! see the cool stuff here on the main website!). As such, we’ve incorporated a “blank music template” for us to work off of. Certainly, there are TONS of things out there on the internet, if you google “elementary music lesson plan template” in images. But, you are welcome to use and abuse the one we’ve got. That goes for any of ya’ reading this!! Shoot me an email, and I’ll send you the PDF to alter as you see fit.

TRY and enjoy your last bits of summer!!
Val Ellett, NW Rep CGME