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It sounds like you are burnt out. Pep band and marching band can take a toll as they are very time consuming. In regards to the music, select songs that can handle the limited instrumentation. Also, never be afraid to rewrite parts for other instruments, helping to make up for the missing holes in the sound. Last year I dealt with a high school ensemble of 11: Two flutes, two clarinets, one baritone sax, two trumpets, and four percussionists. I saw an improvement this year in the instrumentation. I am not sure if you have 8th graders in the marching band, but if not, then give them a chance to be with them for a game to see what it is all about. Also, recruitment concerts can go a long way at the elementary end, so always work with the beginning band teacher. Look for ways to get the middle school students involved, as moving from 8th grade to high school seems to be the time that students will quit. Reasons could be scheduling, other opportunities, etc. How supportive is your administration and faculty. I struggle with rebuilding a band program and a rift that has been a part of the music department. Everyone wants to do choir because they do these big performances, and there has not been a consistency in the band directors. Don’t give up, especially now that the year has started.