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I student taught a 7th Grade general music class and have taught 7th Grade choir. In my student teaching experience I did a unit on guitar. I don’t know if you have guitars available but the kids will definitely enjoy it. You just need to make sure you walk them through every step of how to take care of the guitar (i.e. how to carry the case, how to open the case, etc.). My supervising teacher (during my student teaching) divided the semester into two sections. The first half of the semester was guitar and second half of the semester was keyboard. In the following semester, she split the semester into a choir section and a general music section which including using a computer program (I think it was called Meastro or something, I can’t remember) to learn note names and rhythms. It also inlcuded a music heritiage project requiring students to research their heritage and find music associated with it. They would then present it to the rest of the class.

Depending on your resources and equipment, you might be able to do something with GarageBand, the app from Apple. I think 7th graders would pick up on it very quickly and they could play with it on their own. You can check out a post of mine on GarageBand for more info:

I hope some of this is of help. Good luck!