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Students should be able to get guitars quickly and with a minium of hassle. Instruments may be left out in the music room if rules about the use of the instruments are clear and the room can be secured.
Pegboard takes the least space and is practical for a small room, however young students may need help taking the instruments on and off the board. Special hooks may be purchased at a store that sells guitars. Utility hooks may be adapted if guitar hooks are unavailable.
A guitar stand is a home-made version of a commercial cello stand. It is made by 2 X 4’s, 1 X 4’s, and scraps. Most of the construction is done with screws and glue. A stand like this will cost about $25.00 to make and should last for many years.
Basic construction begins with a rectangular box made of 2 X 4’s. The 1 X 4 on the top is V-notched to provide resting places for the necks of the guitars. Bodies of the guitars should touch the bottom front of the frame for stability. If the stand is not on a carpeted floor a carpeted bottom should be added.
Send me your email and I will send you pictures.