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I teach in a multi-age, inquiry K-5 school. This past year we did an entire day of 4/5 integration with Music, Art, P.E and science on “The Body”. Music dealt with music and movement effecting your health, leading the students through a yoga session (accompanied by baroques and classical music), then cardio dance followed by discussion of how and why musical styles can effect the nervous system, emotions and other aspects of the body. The art teacher worked with body image and sketching the human body, including student perceptions of art involving the human body. The P.E. teacher worked with nutrition, activity and the healthy body. Science brought in body organs to understand the “nuts and bolts” of the body, and how lifestyle effects the functioning of those organs. We rotated groups throughout each session, including a healthy snack time. At the end of the day, students journaled about their experiences with resounding success for making connections from session to session and much enjoyment of a different approach to the school day. The biggest accomplishment was working together and keeping the integrity of each subject area.

Christine Hayes, Chair
Council for General Music Education